A dynamic, one stop shop for the outdoor category within the MENA community


Initially a small-scale cycle division, Emsons outdoor sports division is now a leader in the MENA outdoor space, rising far above and beyond the supply of cycles. Riding on the continued success of the Disney licensed business, the outdoor sport division has grown exponentially over the past decade, representing major world class brands, including Mongoose, Schwinn, Kawasaki, Allen Racks, and Yevolution.

Our regional strategy is to lead the cycle category by tactically expanding our product mix and filling gaps in the market. This position ensures our clients consistently receive unrivaled industry expertise and in-depth local know how.

Our commitment to this category is demonstrated by our strong ties within the cycling community and heavy involvement in promoting the regional cycling culture. We take community very seriously at Emsons and believe that cycling is a very family centric activity.

We regularly organize several community rides across Dubai and also partner with key retailers to promote safe riding - such as the Helmet on Heads campaigns. In this spirit, we not only focus on marketing bikes for all ages, but champion best practice by providing the entire cycling solution inclusive of accessories; helmets, pumps, bike racks etc.

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